Awesome WordPress Website Types You Can Build ​

It is very easy to create a WordPress website. but WordPress is no longer a simple blogging tool, Now it is a very powerful Content Management System. You can use WordPress to build different type of websites very easily.

WordPress, as we all know, is one of the largest CMS platforms out there. With billions of users all over the world, WordPress now powers 30% of all the websites. This sums up to almost 75 million websites created with more than 409 Million users. It began as a simple blogging platform nearly 15 years ago but that’s not the case today. To create a WordPress website you need a good prerequisites.

WordPress is not a simple blogging platform, you can turn your simple WordPress website into a powerful website in many different aspects with so many advanced themes and plugins.
In this article, we’ll look at the all types of websites that can be created using WordPress, Follow us for assuring know about them.

  1. Personal blog or website
  2. Business Websites
  3. Social Networking websites
  4. Online Discussion Forums
  5. E-Commerce Website
  6. News Websites
  7. Questions and Answers websites
  8. Wiki sites
  9. Classified Add Websites
  10. Job Boards
  11. Membership Websites
  12. Micro Blogging like
  13. Build Review website
  14. Start a classifieds site
  15. Build a directory Website
  1. Consumer reviews
  2. Local Business Directory
  3. Static website
  4. Photo Gallery
  5. Amazon affiliate store
  6. Wedding Services
  7. Real Estate Websites
  8. Sell online courses
  9. Set up an online Box office & Sell Tickets
  10. Content curation, Aggregation, Auto blogging
  11. Government Website
  12. Podcasts Website
  13. Charity Websites
  14. Restaurants Websites
  15. Coupon Website
  1. Design Agencies
  2. Diagnostic/Medical Centers
  3. Online Consulting Sites
  4. Crowdfunding Websites
  5. Recommendation Engines
  6. Beauty Salons
  7. Appointment Websites
  8. Travel Websites
  9. Mobile Application Websites
  10. Booking Site
  11. Customer Feedback/Support Site
  12. SaaS website


      and etc…

The above WordPress Website Types are again just a few to a number. The choice is yours and you can do anything under the Sun. These are just a few inspirations to let you know the scope of WordPress. So do not Underestimate WordPress, and go try it Today. WP-Cube hope that now provided you with several ideas that you can use to kickstart and scale your business with the help of the most powerful CMS! Whatever your niche is, WP-Cube has your back with endless functionalities and unlimited growth opportunities!

In case you already have a feasible idea that you would love to develop and discuss further, don’t hesitate to ask for a consultation with our team of experts at WP-Cube. If you are tired of constant patches and unreliable consultants, we’re here to help you!

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